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Ubisoft x Kerby
The Geometric Trilogy
Schaffen Watches
Sketchbook Illustrations III
Personal Work
Hunt & Brew
Brownes Dairy
Marvin the Martian
Looney Tunes, Warner Bros.
Iconic Blend, Original Penguin
LOM Art, Michael O'Mara Books
GM 2017 Shirt Design
Graphika Manila
Jay Kristoff, Harper Voyager
Geometric Beasts
Personal Work
Sketchy Stories
Race Point Publishing, Quarto Publishing Group USA
Dripping Portraits
Personal Work
LOM Art, Michael O'Mara Books
10 of Diamonds
Playing Arts 2, Digital Abstracts
Kerby x Bucketfeet
Artist Capsule Collection
Aquarius Sports : "Move You"
Coca Cola Japan Ltd., Dentsu Inc.
LOM Art, Michael O'Mara Books
Sketchbook Illustrations II
Personal Work
Nike Hypersense
Nike Singapore, Kult Magazine
More Die Of Heartbreak
Chuckie Campbell Music
Time Guardian
Zero Square - Malaysia
Sketchbook Illustrations I
Personal Work
Doodle Invasion
Zifflin Books