Just Another Portrait (2)

Just Another Portrait

I just want to share this Anime inspired portrait I did way back in high school as a part of my old sketches collection. I was just starting to explore more of my sketching skills that time and I must say that drawing faces gave me a hard time.

3.2 Million Dots of Love and Hardwork

I was blog hopping and just found this wonderful video by Miguel Endara. The video is about the making of “HERO” a portrait of his Dad entirely composed of approximately 3.2 million ink dots. This is one of the most unique drawing styles I’ve ever seen.

Miguel completed the artwork at nearly one full year and logged in 210 hours. He got 4.25 dots per second. Isn’t it amazing!? What a nice way to show love and honor to his Dad. :)

Just Another Portrait

Here is a portrait of a villain character in charcoal pencil I created for my dream graphic novel a year ago. But unfortunately, this one was just thrown into trash. I just wish I could still continue working on the novel in the future. :|