Print collaboration with PangeaSeed Foundation, an organization that protects the oceans through art and activism (ARTivism). My piece "Message in a Bottle" highlights 'Plastic Free July' and the negative impacts plastics are having on oceans and marine life.

Concept sketch

Artist statement:

“The Philippines is among the world’s top contributors to plastic pollution and being a nation surrounded by ocean and seas, this problem threatens not only the environment but us too, humans. The country is hit with an average of 20 typhoons a year and flooding is made worse by garbage clogging floodway systems and rivers. Living in this country and experiencing the impact of this problem firsthand, has opened my eyes at an early age to be the change and lead by example. 

The artwork is my take on where this problem will take us if we don’t change our ways. At the end of it all, nature will find its way to thrive but humans will suffer all the consequences of the problem we created ourselves.”