Print collaboration with PangeaSeed Foundation, an organization that protects the oceans through art and activism (ARTivism).

"PLANET CORAL" is a hand-crafted limited edition focusing on the impact of warming oceans and marine biodiversity loss. Print was released to celebrate World Oceans Day 2021. 

Rough concepts

Rendered using Procreate app on Ipad Pro, the piece was printed into two color variants by Static Medium USA.

Blue Variant edition.

Black and White edition.

Artist Statement

Coral reefs aren’t just the home of the most diverse ecosystems in the world but also play an important role in providing millions of people with a livelihood, food, and coastal protection. With problems like warming seas, pollution, changing ocean chemistry, and biodiversity loss caused by human activities, this marine paradise faces death and destruction at an unprecedented rate. The disappearance of coral reefs could lead to a domino effect of mass destruction on a global scale.

This piece aims to showcase how important coral reefs, marine ecosystems, and the oceans are for the planet’s existence. With awareness and conscious effort, we can all do our part to help save our coral reefs from extinction, protect species that rely on them including us humans, and nurture our oceans to provide a better future for this planet we call home.