Inspired by the love for the oceans, Sperry x Kerby is a limited-edition styles from the American brand as a part of  the SeaCycled collection made from recycled materials.
The designs represent these worlds as “utopia” and “dystopia”, almost mirroring each other at first glance but when seen closely, show the contrasting details and elements from each other.
“Utopia” is an ideal world where marine ecosystems thrive, each creature benefiting from each other in a balanced cycle of life. 

“Dystopia” is a lifeless world where oceans are dead and polluted with human waste. A darker mirror image of “Utopia”, the piece represents how we love admiring the beauty of our oceans but often neglect to acknowledge the problems we created that threaten them.

The utopia artwork wraps around the shoe and the dystopia is printed in the insole. 

Sperry x Kerby official launch event at Secret Fresh Gallery last August 2022.

Images and video courtesy of Sperry PH.