Box illustration for Ubisoft featuring some of their most iconic video game characters. The black and white ink drawings use a 'geometric' approach to bring life to the characters and their worlds. 
The welcome box is a valuable collectible given to new employees on their first day in Ubisoft. The welcome pack aims to offer them the good first impression and everything they need to know to begin their adventures in the company and dive into Ubisoft's DNA. 
The approved concept was to illustrate the characters in such a way that they interact with each other. The geometric effect is inspired by the creation of worlds through The Animus from the Assassin's Creed game. The final piece is a continuous 360 illustration that wraps around the sides of the box.

Initial rough sketch explaining the interaction of the characters.

Approved sketch added with the 'geometric' treatment.

Final 360 illustration. (See it in 360 view HERE. )

The top side of the box features the Ubisoft logo given the same 'geometric' effect.
The Ubisoft Welcome Box